• Question: Which parts of the human body are there but we don’t need them to live?

    Asked by Matterforn to Ashlea, Ben, Lizzie, Francis, Max, Sian on 14 Mar 2018. This question was also asked by skyler and ben.
    • Photo: Ben Mulhearn

      Ben Mulhearn answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      We can actually live without many parts of our bodies!!

      As you probaby know quite well, people have their tonsils and appedices removed all the time. Some people also have their gall bladders removed with no ill effects. You can even remove the spleen, parts of bowel, liver, pancreas and still live a healthy life!

    • Photo: Francis Man

      Francis Man answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      You can also live fine with only one kidney. Arms, legs, eyes, are not vital for survival (but I’d rather keep mine, thanks).